Alexander Ten


Age: 18 years old

City: Baykonur

Diagnosis: Embryonal carcinoma

Alexander Ten was admitted to the Center of Dmitry Rogachev with the diagnosis - the embryonal carcinoma with mediastinum, retroperitoneal lymph nodes, and liver involvement.

After the medical testing the Center commenced the therapy with accordance to the protocol “MAKEY-96” (block PEI).

Before Alexander attained the age of 18 he received three chemotherapy cycles. However his treatment was not over and the Center of Dmitry Rogachev could not continue treatment, financed from the federal budget. That is the reason why Mark Kaufman decided to cover all the expenses related to the boy’s stay and treatment in the Center. The total amount of the rendered financial support arose to Rub 1 694 043,58.

The doctors’ current prognosis was quite favorable, and we hope that together with the Center we will be able to save another life.

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